Thursday 25 July 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

Hello everybody!

I am extremely excited to welcome you all to A Note to Follow Sew as part of the Plum and June Let's Get Acquainted New Bloggers Blog Hop 2013!  Let's have a round of applause for Beth, what a star!

Plum and June

About Me

  • I named my blog after a line from Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music, my all time favourite film.  I've been to Salzburg and am a card carrying member of the Total Geek Club when it comes to that film.

  • I passed my driving test in April 2012 following two previous attempts and the experience of learning a new skill inspired me to do something I had always wanted to do - make a quilt.  I took a class in September 2012 and have not looked back!

  • I was keen on sewing as a child but it fell away in my mid teens.  I am so glad to have picked it up again and to have retained some idea of what I'm doing!  I still use my childhood sewing box (she's a hand me down from my cousins) and I love her.

  • My aunt lived in America for a while and learned to quilt while she was there.  She's a big sewing inspiration for me and has extremely kindly agreed to make my wedding dress for me. She sewed gorgeous bridesmaid dresses I wore to her children's weddings and I wanted to continue the theme.

  • I don't own a sewing machine. I pinched my mother's to go to the initial quilting class and just didn't give it back.  It is a Brother PX 100.  We are more like casual acquaintances than friends, and I'm looking forward to investing in a better machine soon (preferably one with more than one speed - super fast!).  All suggestions welcome - what do you recommend and why?

  • To make sure I would stick at quilting before investing in equipment, I taught myself to crochet and knit.  I've had more success with the former and there is occasionally a bit of that in this blog too.  I think I just like making snuggly blankets!

About A Note to Follow Sew

  • I started the blog as a means of recording my projects initially but soon made it public.  Blogs had been so helpful in teaching me the basics and I soon wanted to join in with comments, discussions and questions.

  • I blog about new quilting purchases under the heading Brown Paper Packages (preferably tied up with string)  because receiving a package through the post is a wonderful feeling, even if you ordered it yourself!

  • I have also started a series of posts on helpful things I have learned along the way - the real Eureka moments.  They are called Every Day's a School Day and are by no means the voice of an expert, rather things I have learned the hard way  (the hard way involves a seam ripper).  Of course, I started this before I read all the helpful advice on the Hop about naming posts so they are easy to find on Google.  As they are not really tutorials (more of a virtual headslap) I will continue to call them this.

  • Posts about an idea or piece of fabric with so many possibilities attached are called Potential.  I love a blank piece of paper, new ball of wool or fresh fabric and the potential for it to be turned into something special.

A Few of my Favourite (Quilting) Things

  • The aforementioned sewing box
  • Rainbow quilts
  • Scrappy quilts
  • The last stitch on neat binding
  • Buying fabric, looking at fabric and sorting through piles of fabric
  • Solids, and bold but simple patterns, especially together
  • FMQ  - this is really fun (she says never having done it on a larger quilt)
  • My first completed quilt 

Finally, a picture of a quilt!

A Few of my Favourite (Other) Things

  • Lists, especially "to do" and "top five..." (preferably with bullets)
  • Stationery (everything from pretty notebooks to office label makers!)
  • Photo albums and scrap booking 
  • Puns 
  • Politics (but that's the day job and won't be popping up here, I promise!)
  • Indie bands and 90s Britpop of all varieties 
  • Giving presents


I am still a novice and have only completed a handful of quilts/quilted items but here they are in all their beginner glory!

Work in Progress - the BIG Quilt

I really wanted to get this top finished for my stop on the hop, but alas it was not to be.  Half square triangle squaring takes AGES - they should have come with a warning.  Anyway, this is it, my first BIG quilt:

Stitch Gathering

The other exciting thing I am doing this summer is attending the Stitch Gathering.  This is a one day quilting and sewing retreat in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I am taking two classes on quilting, one on making improvised blocks and one on making a jelly roll quilt.  I can't wait!

So there you have it!  I'm still very much a beginner but I'm having so much fun.  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out A Note to Follow Sew.  Please also have a look at my Last Week counterparts - we've hopped our legs off for weeks and are delighted to show off our work!

RobinSue @ RobinSue Quilts
Elisa Lea @ Lovelea Designs
Elizabeth @ In the Boon Docks
Emily @ Sew E.T.

You can find the list of the rest of the Blog Hoppers here.  I have done a round up post of all their Let's Get Acquainted posts, which you can find here.

Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!


  1. I have also been to Salzburg--it's so gorgeous! Great blog name. I wish I had started a blog way back when I was beginning. It's been so fun to go back and look at my progress over the past year or so, and it would have been MORE fun to look at 3 years' worth of quilts. I'm glad to have met you through the blog hop!

  2. Very pleased to meet you, and get to know you better! Your work is great and you should be very proud of yourself. I will be following you!

  3. Yes, those HST's.... Look simple enough, but they sure do take a bit of time. And when you're done, and sew them up together into this wonderful chevron comma quilt, you behold the beauty of what you have created and you forget about the pain that once was --- Kind of like childbirth! Ha, ha! Looks like your labour (of love) is taking longer than you hoped, but it does look sew nice spread out in their rows, Jenny!

    So great to get to know you through the hop this summer. I have (and love) The Sound of Music, too. Looking forward to seeing your chevron finished and then whatever you are inspired to come up with next.

    PS. Whatever machine you choose... Make sure it has a large harp space for your free motioning larger quilts!


  4. Love, love the blog name and specially titled posts. They make you so unique and memorable! Great to get to know you through the Hop!

  5. Beautiful post JB. Love the fabric choice for the chevron WIP and the beautiful crocheted rug. Have a great day ...........Marie

  6. So many nice items here! I am in the hop too! Doing lots of different things keeps you busy, your large quilt is awesome! It will be beautiful when you are done! Have to hand around and see.

  7. It is so nice to meet you. You are off to a really great start with your quilting. My daughter and I love "The Sound of Music" too. Good luck with your machine hunting. I am wanting a better machine with a large throat space for machine quilting. So that is what i would look for.
    I am a new follower :)
    xo jan

  8. Nice to meet you! Your projects are really fabulous- definitely don't look like a beginner to me! :)

    Good luck with the big quilt! I know I was nervous about my first big one ;) But it wasn't so scary after all!

  9. It is wonderful to read more about you through the blog hop! I must admit that I'm a total musical nerd, and LOVE The Sound of Music too. Your projects are great, and look really well polished for a novice and your big quilt looks fantastic with the colors against the dark gray.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  10. Also my most favourite movie too! And I soooo agree with you on the love of all things 'stationary' related. Especially label makers (oh, if you could see my garage bins all labelled haha!) It is very nice to meet you, love your vintage sewing case, it is awesome!!! Visiting from the blog hop.

  11. What a great post!! We have a few things in common...I love lists too. I also got my first drivers license in 2011 (never needed it in New Zealand, Australia or Germany...public transport was much better than in Cary NC, USA). I love your current WiP how fun!!

  12. Great job on this post! I love all the photos and the work you have already completed. I am looking forward to seeing the completed HST project - I am still sewing strips together myself. Seems like it will never end!

  13. Great style. I can't wait to watch you make more projects. Glad you are on the hop!

  14. Love the tone of this post and that vintage sewing box. It is so special that it is a bit of a family heirloom.

  15. As a newbie myself not very long ago I can totally understand your enthusiasm. Its addictive to say the least. I thought it would wear off in a bit but continues to get stronger.

  16. OK, love, love our blog name! Will there be girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes at the wedding? Great post! I am a list person as well (bullets even better); I am so impressed with the beautiful lengthy, well written blog posts of others yet often I just want to make a list! I am a newbie as well with all of exciting!

  17. So pleased to meet you...great projects and I love the zig-zag using COMMA fabrics. Scotland....being a GORDON...would love to visit! Good post and keep up the great week!

  18. Ooooh, love your zig zag quilt! And I like to crochet, too :) Nice meeting you via the hop!

  19. I need to become a follower (wait, am I? I must check!) because I like your style. Isn't Comma fabo? I didn't really get on board with the green and orange, but the rest so chic! I think we have the same list of favorite quilting things as well!

  20. I love your rail fence quilt. I would actually like to make on of those at some point. Great post!

  21. Your sewing box is adorable! I have never seen one like that. You are making some wonderful things too. Your HST's are lovely. They do look deceivingly simple, don't they? Lots of trimming and lining up, but worth it. Can't wait to see it done. Your retreat sounds fun too. Wish I could fly over and go:)

  22. Nice to meet you on the hop! I love your BIG quilt and can't wait to see it finished! It's LOVELY! And that sewing box is a-dorable!!

  23. It is so nice to meet you through the blog hop. I LOVE your sewing box. They do not make them like that any more, unfortunately.

  24. I enjoyed your post. I see many people commented on your sewing box - I can see why - it is precious!

  25. That sewing box is adorable! I love how you chose your blog name. I LOVE that movie!

  26. It's so nice to meet you via the hop! I love your sewing box--my mom had one just like it and I am only now realizing what an amazing storage solution it would be! I'm so glad to hear that you're having fun learning, and your "beginner" projects look pretty amazing in my opinion :)

  27. Nice to meet you! So cool that you've found enthusiasm for sewing and quilting. Good luck with your first big quilt - it's gorgeous so far. My hint for squaring up HSTs is to sit down when you're doing it. I usually stand to cut fabric but I found for HSTs its too tiring and I end up with a sore wrist.

  28. I absolutely love the sound of music, one of my favorites:) I love your chevron pillows and your zigzag quilt is looking good, love that line of fabric!

  29. Sorry, I didn´t get that. where are you from? From Austria? Hi from a blog hopper of the week before yours ;-).
    You are on the richt track, go on with your quilting. The zigzag quilt will be gorgeous!

  30. I love making lists too- sometimes you just want to get it out there without waiting for the right arrangements of words to come along! Love your blog post for this Blog Hop!

  31. It's nice to meet you! Thank you for showing us all that eye candy!

  32. So great to meet you! I love your quilts (especially what you have done so far on your half square triangle quilt)! Fun post, thanks for sharing!

  33. Hi, nice to meet you and see your work. I am a new follower on bloglovin. I think the big quilt will be great - you were sensible, my first quilt was a big quilt and I wish I had learnt more first. Your cushions are alo gorgeous.

  34. Wow, you've done so many projects! Good luck selecting a new machine- I'd say test drive as many as you can!

  35. Lovely to meet you! I second Valerie's advice -- get a feel for the machine before you buy it. Plus if you get one from a dealer they'll take care of any issues you might have even if it means paying a little more than you would online.

    Great makes so far!

  36. Hi! Great to meet you...I'm a newbie too :) I love the zig zag BIG quilt, it's looking fab. I'm happy to hear you've recently learnt to drive I haven't started yet, but have promised myself I will do it soon!

  37. So nice to get to know you a bit better. We have a whole lot in common including our love of lists, scrapbooking and your sewing box! My mom had one when I was growing up and now I am inspired to ask her if she has it tucked away somewhere when I visit this weekend :)