Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I must have done something good

Wow, what a fortnight.

Apologies for the radio silence folks and thanks so much to everyone who stopped by A Note to Follow Sew via the Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop.  I am slowly responding to all your kind comments.

I am afraid I have been neglecting all things blog because the BIG quilt is still not done.  I decided if I have time to read blogs, take photos and write, I have time to sew and have been prioritising that.

I promised myself there would be no more posts until I had finished the top but I can't do any more on it for a week or so (we have guests coming, so the dining room table has to be used for boring things like eating).  And I have something pretty amazing to show...

So I had a big birthday in the last couple of weeks and my FH bought me this:

The handle on the side turns and that creates the motion.

She's so pretty I could burst.

My lovely friends also bought me this stash of goodies (beware quilters, this photo contains other craft materials and you may wish to avert your eyes):

Okay quilters, you can look again for there was also some Liberty....

I'm a lucky girl.


  1. OMG - the case that she comes in?!!! Perfection. Need I say more - *sigh*. Drooling over here...

  2. What a wonderful machine! What generous friends! Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. I have one like that which was my Grandma's. I used to use it with a motor which screwed on but it spoiled the look so I took it off and threw it away - needless to say I wish I'd kept it! Hope you had a very happy birthday.

  4. Aren't the oldies always the besties? Some great presents there - you've been one lucky duck!

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