Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Buzz Buzz - 1

This year I'm participating in the Little Blogs Quilt Bee.  I'm really excited about participating and have already learned a LOAD of new things.

Like how to make a button:

But I digress - back to the sewing.

The Queen Bee for the first month was Lou of I'm Studio Lou fame.  This whole party was her idea and she kicked it off in style.

She asked us all to make a Wonky Star block and quite kindly didn't really put too many other conditions on it.  However, having noticed on Flickr that hers were white and green, I decided to make them matchy matchy.

This was a really easy block, and the "wonky" element made it both fun, and good for a relatively inexperienced sewer (there are no right answers for the points, and after that it is just sewing squares together).  If you fancy having a go, there is a great tutorial here by Nancy of Owen's Olivia.

And that's me for March!  Like Wayne said: "It's like coming home on Friday night and doing your homework right away so that your Saturday night is free to just party."

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Brown Paper Packages - 8

This week, I have some notion related additions to my collection of sewing paraphernalia.

I bought A LOT of pins for my first attempt at pin basting this week!  Having bought the triangle on a whim, I notice Paula at the Sassy Quilter is hosting a triangle-along shortly  - good timing or what?

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