Sunday, 24 February 2013

Let's start at the very beginning....

This is the first post in my Blog all about learning to quilt.

Over the last year, I have taken up sewing again following what must be a 20 year gap in sewing for pleasure.  Hems have been altered, buttons have been re-attached, but this has been the extent of my sewing since I was at primary school.

I decided I wanted to learn to quilt but didn't have the first idea about where to start.  So I learned to knit.  This was to make sure I would actually stick with projects and make the time to sit and create.  It turns out knitting is hard and results were not forthcoming, so I moved on to crochet.  I found this to be much quicker and easier (in comparison to knitting).

I set about making my first blanket for my cousin's baby last April (2012).  It took me months to complete what I am sure is not a complicated undertaking to the more experienced crocheters out there. I stuck with it, and have surprised myself with the enthusiasm I have for crocheting and now quilting.  I couldn't wait to get home from work and make a couple of squares.  I would take the project with me on holiday, and found it extremely relaxing and gratifying.

The fruits of my labours are here:

I also hadn't completely abandoned knitting and made this:

Too bad she was born in August and didn't really need a hat, even in Scotland.  She did try it on though and looked incredibly cute.

Having mastered the art of making time for projects, I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself.  My friend, who also fancied learning to quilt, suggested we go to a local class and we went to a one day class at Bear Paw Craft Classes at Avery Homestore in Morningside, Edinburgh.  We spent the day chatting with other sewers of all levels and learned how to make the Log Cabin block for a cushion cover.

The darker cushion you can see to the left of the third image is a purple quilted cushion given to me by my Aunt when I bought my first flat with my boyfriend in September 2011.  It is lovely and became the inspiration for the decoration for the rest of the room.  It was on this basis that I chose the colours for my quilt block to make at the class and you can see I have stuck with purple, grey and black.  The central patch is a fabric which I loved, and also have in darker colours, which with hindsight would have been more appropriate for this cushion.  I am not sure the central fabric matches the rest of it, but it is my first block and I love it.

I also realised that it had taken me about an afternoon to complete and that quilting was MUCH faster than knitting and crochet.  I think I need to see results fairly quickly upon beginning a project and was delighted the quilt block yielded such a great, useful household item quickly.

And so I was hooked!  In this Blog, I intend to keep a diary of my projects, which will also include crochet (and maybe knitting if I ever get the knack and patience for it).