Sunday, 29 December 2013

Brown Paper Packages - 4

Although I have not managed to achieve a lot of sewing the last few weeks, I have still managed to purchase a lot of fabric!

Here's a run down of my goodies from the last few months:

This delightful pile of charm squares was sent to me by Rachael of The Floral Suitcase as part of the Low Volume Charm Swap she very kindly hosted.  It was SUCH a good idea, and I received a lot of fabric I would never have chosen for myself but am so glad to have.

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

It has been a very long time since I last posted anything on my Blog.  As it is all about my adventures in learning to quilt (the notes have to follow the sew, see?), my lack of sewing over the last couple of months has hampered the writing process somewhat.

However, you know I love a ridiculous deadline and what better excuse to sew to deadline in a frenzy than Christmas.  Thoughts of "If I didn't manage to finish this, I wouldn't have ANYTHING ELSE to give them and it is Christmas Eve....." and "Is that burning I smell?", as I neglected my kitchen based contributions for the big day.  Only joking, I managed to have just enough time, and no more, to do everything I said I was going to do and Christmas was a great day.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful time.

So, on to the pictures of fabric and quilting!

You may remember back in September my grandparents celebrated a special anniversary and I made them a quilt.

And then I had to take a little break from sewing, and then work got hectic, and all of a sudden it was the middle of October.  I started on matching cushions for my grandparents' Christmas present.

So, obviously, this was all I achieved until the 22nd of December!  Starting something early lets you kid yourself that you're organised.  Not to worry though, I had a lovely day putting the rest of them together.

Okay, maybe two days...

I am so glad to have finished them though and my grandparents really liked them.  In her gift to me, my Granny managed to lay down a gauntlet:

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