Sunday, 14 July 2013

Almost there...

The BIG quilt top is almost there!

I had a go at chain piecing and have decided this is how everything shall be done henceforth!  It was so quick as my threads didn't jam and the needle did not need to be re-threaded once.  In short, this is the future.

These are the half square triangles I completed today.  They just need sewn together into blocks and rows, which I really should have achieved but it's been a bit of a lazy Sunday.

These are my aforementioned favourite bits..

In other news, it was inevitably going to happen at some point, but today was the day I managed to cut the table cloth with the rotary cutter through the hole in my mat.  Who puts a hole in a mat?

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  1. Your HST's are looking fabulous! Loved the bit about the hole in the mat.... It just figures!


  2. HST are the best! Chain piecing is even better. It is a lifesaver.

  3. Dropped by from Let's Get Acquainted. Lush quilt and isn't chain piecing just the best? Great to meet you :)

  4. How big is big?

    Are you making your HST bigger then trimming? I just finished a quilt with loads of HSTs and made them that way and trimming was tedious.

    Best of luck with your finish I love your fabric and pattern choices :) those cameras are awesome!

    1. Yes, I declared my hand too early when I said I was almost there - even trimming off the corners is taking me forever!

      I love the cameras too, they are my favourite pattern in the line.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oooh - love those chevrons! I'm trying that design on a much, MUCH smaller scale for a little heating pad using a Posy charm pack. Love the grey with the citrus brights!

  6. Love your chevrons, great fabric choices!

  7. It's looking amazing so far! Sorry to hear about the table cloth! :-)

  8. Love the HST color combo - grey is a fabulous color. I can't believe how quickly you are putting this quilt together. I made 1300 HSTs and then had to trim each one - it took forever (I could only do 100 at a time). Can't wait to see your finish!

  9. I hear chain piecing is the wave of the future! I've never tried it. (I just can't. stop. using the auto thread cutter between every piece.) Your BIG quilt is coming right along!

  10. Lovin the Comma and Twenty-three fabrics. Nice HST