Saturday, 6 July 2013

7 Days to a Holiday

Morning Campers!

Sadly I'm a little late with the title of the post, as I'm already more than seven days into my holidays. I'm fresh back from Glastonbury and a week of no reception, so time to catch up on all things Note to Follow Sew.

I went to the wedding (of cushion fame) then on to Bath for the second leg of my holiday. While there, I stumbled upon an amazing quilting supplies shop so obviously had to have a half hour out of bus tours to mooch around there. It is called Country Threads and I managed to resist buying everything in the place. I did pick this up however:

I wish there was a shop dedicated to quilting near me, although, for the sake of the bank balance, it is probably best there is not.

Glastonbury was a wonder of music and friends for me. Little to say on the quilting front though, although they did have a crafts area!

We were in Norfolk for a few days and FH showed me round his stomping grounds.  We went boating on the Norfolk Broads (for Bowie fans outwith the UK - "from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads") which was great fun.

Now we're home I shall be getting stuck into projects such as my stop on the Lets Get Acquainted New Bloggers Blog Hop and my ticket for the Stitch Gathering (more on how excited I am about that in a post coming soon).

Plum and June

Linking up with Lily's Quilts and the  Small Blog Meet (sorry I'm late)!

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