Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Potential - 2

Now the Under the Sea Quilt is finished I have been lavishing some attention on some other ongoing projects.

I have been working slowly and steadily through my Granny's knitted squares, until suddenly there were only ten or so more to do!  I got quite excited at the prospect of finishing it and spent the weekend working out how to sew them together through the crochet loops.  Turned out the careful preparation on the squares has meant it takes no time at all to sew the rows together.

This should have been included in last week's Every Day's a School Day post, but I have discovered can crochet in the car.  I start to feel a bit queasy if I do anything in the car, but having read so many blogs where people were able to maximise their car journeys, I thought I would give it a go.  Anyway, this new-found knowledge refers to the second WIP, the Rainbow Granny Square Blanket (s).

Third is the potential to which the title refers, which arrived today.

Other projects currently include finishing my mock cushion cover before being let loose on the real thing which will be gifted to my FMIL, and a bed runner for my sister which is very much still at the idea stage.

Sounds like plenty to be going on with when you also consider I received an email about the Stitch Gathering today indicating we are to make a badge for fellow stitchers and I have not started my ticket....

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  1. Oh gosh that rainbow crochet blanket is fantastic!!

    1. Thank you! It might turn into two, I can't decide whether to make one blanket with two patterns of granny square, or two with only one pattern.

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