Sunday, 26 May 2013

Granny Triangle

I am an easily-distracted sort of gal when it comes to sewing or crocheting and I am always ready to leap into the next crafty project before I've completed the current one(s).

It was with this level of gusto that, instead of adding some more rounds or squares to my Rainbow Granny Square Blanket(s), I decided to make a triangle to send to Lucy at Attic24 (details here) for Granny Bunting!

She's written a brilliant tutorial on how to make Granny Triangles - there is going to have to be a whole blanket of those soon (and I bet I start it before the squares are done).


  1. Love it. A friend recommended attic24 so must go and have another look.

    1. Thank you! Do so, it is smashing.

  2. These triangles are so cute. I just may have to take up crochet again and make a bunting or blanket.