Wednesday 1 May 2013

Every Day's a School Day - 1

Things I have learned this week

1. If you measure the point at which you stop sewing binding onto the top of a quilt in order to achieve a mitred corner, they will be lovely, neat and exactly how science intended.  If you guess, you cannot be surprised when they don't fit together perfectly.  Who knew?

2. The bigger your cutting mat and ruler, the easier it is to cut big things.  My advice for other new quilters would be buy a BIG one first.  This is a highly addictive activity and you will keep at it once you start, so you might as well have the right tools.  I made a pay-day week spur-of-the-moment purchase of a new BIGGER cutting mat and ruler this week and was delighted with the squaring up on my Under the Sea Quilt, this weeks first Work in Progress.

3. Practice makes perfect.  This lesson was imposed on me when I couldn't find the patch of curtain material I bought for my FMIL's cushion.  So I made a mock up of my design.

It is bound to be in a "safe place".

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
I was also pleased to find this button at Lily's Quilts tonight! My Blog is very new but I think I'm ready to share!
Lily's Quilts


  1. Who knew about that whole measuring thing??! ;) I have a tendency to put things in "the special place" so I won't lose them, except I tend to struggle with remembering where the special place was...I enjoyed your post!

  2. Thanks Erica! Yes, that is my problem too. It is always the last place you look!