Sunday, 1 February 2015

Buzz Buzz - 6

I've had a lovely weekend catching up on my bee commitments.  The January queen in the Little Blog Quilt Bee, Roseanne, asked us for Anna Maria Horner's feather blocks.

It is the first time I've worked with templates, and I thought it would be the last until I finished them. I am now quite charmed by them and all thoughts of cutting up bits of paper are behind me!

The Little Blog Quilt Bee is almost at an end. It was started after Lou linked up with the Small Blog Meet - where did that year go?  It's been a blast!

Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts.

Fresh Sewing Day

Small Blog Meet


  1. Good job on the feathers! Very brave of you! I would have a serious aaakkk moment if one of my bee mates asked for one, lol!

  2. Hi there! Lovely feathers you've made. I had to make them once for a bee, and now I'd like some
    ; )

  3. Beautiful feathers, I would love to try these!

  4. Lovely feathers! They're going to look great when finished.

  5. Oh nice colours! I've seen these feathers but haven't tried them.

  6. Love your feathers - I have not tried to make a feather quilt though maybe...(saw your link on Lily's Quilts)

  7. Feathers look fab!! Where has the time gone! Can't believe there's only one more Lbqb month left!!