Sunday, 22 February 2015

Brown Paper Packages - 10

My parents are moving house next month and, as part of the big move, they have been doing some destashing of 30 years of the dreaded S word - stuff.

I'm a frequent user but objector to the word stuff.  I also object to being surrounded by it, but have to balance this against my ingrained instinct to hoard.

However, it turns out one person's stuff is another person's treasure.  My Mum used to sew before she had children and when she was clearing out, ridding herself of cupboards of stuff (not opened or used since their last move), she came across this treasure trove of Liberty.

There used to be a Liberty shop in Edinburgh and my Mum picked up some excellent sale purchases sometime in the eighties.

Even the carrier bag has a little flap on it for when it rains!

Yes, that's right - three metres of Liberty goodness for £2.00

I'm yet to find the slight imperfection in this.

The label on this one said it is a poly cotton and is from Japan.  There appears to be some water damage to one side, but there's at least a yard of salvageable fabric here!

Also included in the bag of goodies were these excellent patterns.  Maybe they will be my first foray into dress making?

So perhaps hoarding is fine after all?  Who knows, all the junk in my loft might make someone's day in twenty years?

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  1. I remember those flap top Liberty bags! What a find for you, and I am sure that all our hoarding will be the cause for much mirth and joy (and quizzical looks) in future years)

  2. That's amazing, is she not inspired to use any of it now? Have fun with it all.

  3. Oh my you have some treasures there......Liberty.....can't get much better!

  4. Wow, that's some good stuff! Vintage liberty!