Monday, 26 May 2014

Buzz Buzz - 2

While I went off galavanting all over Europe, my Little Blog Quilt Bee chums were hard at work making me blocks for my quilt.

For my month as Queen, I chose the wonky log cabin block, following a great tutorial by Nicole at Mama Loves Quilts.

I asked for solids, as I loved Nicole's block so much, but also said bold, bright prints would suffice.

Well, the hive did me proud!  Look at these beauties:

First through the letter box was this winner from my pal at Handmade Somethings

Then I went on holiday and had a HUGE pile of lovely parcels to greet me.  You know what they say about brown paper packages (but more on that later).

First to be unwrapped was this lovely block from Joanna at My Quilts and Other Stories which looks like sweeties.

The Occasional Quilter went off-piste with this colour explosion

Nessa sent me this lovely mix of solids and prints, including some I recall from the Stitch Gathering.

Could I believe my eyes when I saw this from Patchwork Alley?  One of my favourite things.

Lovely presents!

And her block:

Espirit Patch whipped up this block for me:

This was was signed off  Love Natalie

From the Mindful Quilter, who sent me two!  What a champ.

From the machine of our organiser, I'm Studio Lou, blocks with chocs!  They didn't last long...

This gorgeous block is from Claire E Poppins:

And last, but not least, this lovely block from Not a Floral Girl:

Now, I just need to decide how to sew them together - to sash or not to sash!

Thanks again for all my bee chums for their hard work and lovely blocks.  I am really enjoying being part of my first bee!


  1. Wow! Don't they look great together? The solid blocks in particular are fantastic. Mine looked wonky at home on its own but not so much against the others. Can't wait to see how you piece them all together x

  2. Gorgeous! This is going to be one fabulous quilt! x

  3. They look wonderful altogether! Maybe some wonky sashing to unite them all?
    Lovely work everyone!

  4. Yey! That's great, they look very mixed in style ... looking forward to seeing the end result x al

  5. These blocks are pretty cool

  6. Oh! They look so pretty! Can't wait to see them all sewn up! Have fun playing with them!