Sunday, 16 February 2014

Brown Paper Packages - 6

My poor, poor bank account.

New to the Note to Follow Sew Stash this month (all from M is for Make - that sale section just sucks me in everytime....):

Centerpiece in Evening  Feathers in Teal

Centrepiece in Evening
Hand Drawn Garden by Anna Maria Horner

Feathers in Teal
Sun Print Feathers by Alison Glass

Floating Axes in Turquoise  Of a feather in ivory

Floating Axes in Turquoise
Uno by Stof

Of a Feather in Ivory
Tsuru by Rashida Coleman Hale

Retro clover in breeze  Text in Charcoal

Retro Clover in Breeze
Just My Type by Patty Young

Text in Charcoal
Sun Print Text by Alison Glass

Type keys in mustard

Type Keys in Mustard
Just My Type by Patty Young

Bike Path in Smoke Bike Path in Charcoal

Bike Path in Smoke and Bike Path in Charcoal
Sun Print Bike Path by Alison Glass

And my very, very favourite fabric of the lot, satisfying both sewing and stationery requirements:

Writers Block in Pastel

Writers Block In Pastel
Type by Julia Rothman

In other news, the date for the Stitch Gathering 2014 was announced this week!  I am definitely going to try to get a ticket - I had such fun at the last one.  I feel a Glastonbury-ticket-style rammy coming on...

The Stitch Gathering 2014 event date announced

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  1. Oh those turquoise pieces, be still my heart!! And the stationary fabric is soo cute, what are your plans for it?

  2. I adore the turquoise/yellows as you have them all laid out - they work so well together!

  3. I know the M is for Make sale section well! You've got some great additions there!

  4. Oooh. So many great fabrics here. Always makes me smile to see others buying the same prints as me... especially when they're on another continent. I bought a whack of Sun Print text this week and Bicycle Path just made it to my stash recently. So jealous of your Stitch Gathering. Quilting AND Edinburgh... so cool!

  5. Sweet, love a good sale section.

  6. I like the charcoal text - it's a great choice for patchwork, and I think I have some of the type keys (or something very similar, in a white & teal flannel). Need to know more about the Stitch Gathering!

  7. Oh wow! This entire post has me drooling! Love the Writers Block print... LOVE!!

  8. What a lovely collection of fabrics. Partial to blues/aqua/turquoises myself, throw in a touch of yellow and text, yes please!

  9. Great collection of fabrics! I absolutely LOVE the clipboards!!!!

  10. These are ALL such great pieces. Lucky you!

  11. Ooo! Yummy! Great selection of fabric! H x