Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pink fence rail - DONE!

I have finished sewing the pink fence rail quilt binding on and it is now officially finished!  I can't wait to meet the little one and give her wonderful Mum and Dad the quilt.  I hope they approve of pink for girls - not sure I do but hopefully using a bright pink cheers it up and makes it less babyish.

Other good news came this week as the safe arrival of another friend's amazing baby boy was announced!  I am going to start his quilt this afternoon and WILL complete it in less than three months.

In other news, I saw some amazing tapestries this week at Stirling Castle.  They are doing some restoration/remaking of tapestries similar to those which would have hung in the castle.  The weavers work on site - wouldn't it be great to sit all day being creative (even if you did have a stream of folk watching you)? I took this picture of their wool before noticing the "No Cameras" sign....

I also watched "The Great British Sewing Bee" and think I will have to have a shot at dressmaking too.
Now this is definitely NOT a wedding blog, but I am so excited I will still include the news our wedding venue was officially BOOKED this week.  I have a really firm idea of what I want to wear and so think making the dress (with help obviously, I want it to look good) should definitely be a project for 2013.

I realise this is a crazy ambition for someone who can't guarantee success in mitred corners.

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