Friday, 22 March 2013

Hooked on quilting

I'm not sure where the last three weeks have gone!  I have been doing lots of brilliant family things and lots of working so have not had as much time as I would have liked for sewing (and by sewing, I mean starting things obviously, even though I have still to finish the baby quilt - my friend might not speak to me for ignoring her this long).  I have however started designing a pattern for the cushion for my FMIL.

I decided in the end I didn't have enough light grey and the only thing for it was to go shopping for fabric....

This week it was my future Sister in Law's birthday.  My FMIL told me at Christmas she had also taken up crochet towards the end of last year so I thought we should get her something along those lines.

Having made a couple of knitting needle rolls with my new found enthusiasm for sewing last year (alas, of which there are no pictures - I could have sworn I took some!) I decided to make her a smaller version for crochet hooks.  I have taken LOTS of pictures of this one (which irritatingly, wasn't the best in terms of binding but the extremely messy corners are just going to have to add to its charm).

I also bought some hooks and a book to go with it.  I just hope she's still crocheting!

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