Saturday 22 August 2015

On top of the swaps

I love it when I get free time to sew.  Weekends with no other plans, evenings when I get home unexpectedly early or a random day off - when there's nothing else more pressing to do than sit and sew.

Most of the time though, I sew vicariously by mooching around Instagram and blogs, often in between other tasks or engagements.  As a summer of BUSY comes to a close, I've found myself trigger happy with the SIGN UP sheet and have enrolled in two swaps.

I'm doing the Easy Swap UK and the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap.

I've never participated a swap or made a mini before, so as per usual I thought I'd sign up for some uncharted territory with deadlines!  I've got some ideas so here's hoping they work out.  I believe it's bad etiquette to show too much in advance of the actual swap (your partner gives such specific instructions as to their likes and dislikes so they will be able to guess if it's for them) so I'll keep quiet on those for now.

The swap I can tell you about is the Stitch Gathering notion swap.  With uncharacteristic efficiency, I've completed my item (the deadline is a month away).

It's a travel EPP kit, based on the pattern by Laura Jane Taylor in Quilt Now a couple of months ago. I'm going to include a couple of paper templates, pins, needles and some thread (mainly to show what it is!).

It's also got scissor holders and a zipped pocket (representing four hours of swearing and tears).

My top tip for inserting this zip was Scotch Tape.   I realise the illusion is shattered at this point, but if it helps even one other person conquer the misery of zip instertion, it will have been worth it!

As this swap was randomly allocated, rather than based on partner criteria, I think it's okay to show it to you!  I'm really looking forward to the Stitch Gathering at the end of September.  I've already started my name badge too and have started thinking about my ticket.

I feel as though I'm a massive over achiever in comparison to my usual last minute approach, but then I have signed up for rather a lot over the next couple of months so better get cracking.  Especially when you consider those two wedding quilts are still no closer to finished!

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