Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cottoned On

Over the last month I have been working away at my quilt for my husband in a desperate bid to get it finished by next weekend.  At this point, I have no idea whether I'm going to make it or not, but I think I can get close enough.  Has anyone ever handed over a quilt with no binding, or with safety pins still securing the layers?  Right, I better get on with it....

Here's how progress has gone so far:

I chain pieced every triangle to another one, just so there was a more manageable number of units to work with in the layout.

Next I laid out the rows.  It's hard to keep it random and my natural instinct was to create patterns.  The quilt is also so big  I've laid it out in two parts, so the first time I see the whole thing together will be when I baste it.  This is partly because I'm really struggling to keep this away from my husband.  Every time I need the big picture, he's in the house and probably in the room most suitable for spreading out!

I sewed the triangle units into rows and then sewed the rows together.

I plan on writing a more technical post about this quilt but for now I'll say, despite their stretchy sides, triangles have not been as daunting as I thought and have provided more perfect points than any other shape.

I bought extra wide backing fabric and some queen sized wadding to baste this weekend, so this morning's job is to sew the last three rows together and BASTE!  I'm torn between straight line quilting and stippling - any thoughts?

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  1. Your quilt s lovely! Great colours, I would straight line it, but that's because my stipple is not very good!