Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I'm a hexa-gonner!

"Oh this?  This is a free gift from a magazine - so useful, I use it all the time."

Said noone, ever.

Until now that is.  I've received the last few issues of Love Patchwork and Quilting, but have not yet succumbed to using the free gifts which have accompanied it.

However, I have spent two weekends locked up in a caravan with no electricity, running water or wifi, so teaching myself to English Paper Piece using the instructions in a magazine (what, no YouTube?  How does anyone learn anything without YouTube?) seemed like a great idea.

Here's my first few attempts at basted hexagons:

And then I tried some fussy cutting:

Then I went for a walk in this:

Before getting brave, and making this:

 The hexagon theme of the holiday continued with a little of this:

I am going to turn this (oh shameful scrap pile) into a quilt of 1 inch hexagons made up of fabrics I've included in all my quilts and sewing projects.

So, now I'm totally addicted to making these you can all look forward to seeing these beauties in every WIP Wednesday for the next fifty years!

Linking up with Lucy from Charm About You and Lee at Freshly Pieced.

PS. I also had the time to sort the scrap pile.  It is really embarrassing to admit, but it was really satisfying.  The categories are a little like Monica's towel collection.


  1. Hey re the hexigons... I'm sure you'll get it done b4 50 years are up! It's a "slow burning" project & it'll just take a bit of time!! Someone somewhere put a whole lot together & now it's a quilt on my bed!! L

  2. It's addictive alright! Before you know it you'll be a hexaholic like the rest of us!

  3. mmm, bitten by the hexie bug -- fortunately it is not fatal, just compelling!! (-:

  4. I recently did my first hexie project as well and I really did enjoy the end project so much but the basting part I got a little anal retentive over lol Still, I am pretty sure I liked it enough to do another project soon. But I plan on keeping all hexie projects small! lol Dropping by from Lee's WIP hop:

  5. Your stitches are so tiny!!!!!
    Loved your intro too - so very true!

  6. I have my box of hexies to work on and keep putting it off no matter how much I would love nothing more than to be working on them!
    So that magazine always comes with a freebie every month?? If so, I think I want to subscribe to it then. For some reason I am a no-reply blogger and I can't figure out how to change that, but my email is

  7. I'm really loving these hexies. Your quilt will turn out gorgeous.

  8. Hexies have a way of pulling you in and before you know it, you just can't stop. Loving your pretty blue hexies. That scrap pile of yours will magically transform into a beautiful hexie quilt. Happy hexi-ing!!