Monday, 16 September 2013

Basting the Ginger Jar Quilt

Yesterday I stopped procrastinating and basted the Ginger Jar quilt.  I was concerned about doing it because it was the part of the process I decided had the most potential for something to go wrong.  How do you like that optimism?  

However, I cleared the front room, mopped the floor and jolly well got on with it.  Guess what?  Not a total nightmare!

I managed to get the backing layer pretty smooth, even on uneven floor boards.  This was about 40 minutes work!  

I spray basted the quilt with 505 spray because a) I was not brave enough to try pins and b) I thought it would be really quick.

I really liked spray basting when I made the smaller quilts but I'm not so sure now.  I have said before it felt like cheating, but was indulgently quick for those of us who like instant gratification.  However, I think I will invest in some curvy safety pins and have a go at properly basting next time (not to a deadline).  There was an almighty cloud of fumes hovering around the living room when I was finished and it still took a while to get everything stuck down smoothly.  I also think I would be more confident about pinning now I have had a go at crawling around 80" of quilt and not been completely intimidated.

That said, the finish was super smooth and quilting it has been a dream!  I'm not even a quarter of the way through it, but it is super quick and so nice not to have to worry about puckers and rumpfles.  

The other significant moment yesterday was the debut of the walking foot. 

When I first tried FMQ it took me an hour to attach to foot. Yesterday it took me less than a minute to get this guy up and running.  I LOVE having a clue!


  1. Well done for getting that on its way. But I have to say that I hate basting spray with a passion! a) it gives me asthma (good reason not to use it) and b) it does a darn good job of clogging up your machine. So make sure you pull your machine to bits when you finish and clean and oil it thoroughly. Give me pins any time.

  2. Don't fear the pins. Just like anything else, all it takes is to do something the first time. Then you wonder what you were worried about in the first place! Congrats on getting at that quilting. You go girl!

  3. I have always used the pins! I did discover "Kwik Klip" this summer. It will save your fingers and make basting a snap. I tell you what, this is looking really great!! Be proud of yourself.