Sunday 16 June 2013

Every Day's a School Day - 4

As referenced in my last post, there has been a lot of learning going on at Note to Follow Sew towers.  This has a lot to do with the wonderful advice and tips being shared as part of the Plum and June Lets Get Acquainted New Bloggers Blog Hop - thanks everyone!

Plum and June

So here goes.  This week I have learned:

1. Make the photos on my blog bigger, as most people's (including me) favourite bit is the pictures. 

2. Get a walking foot.  This has to be my number one quilting priority from now on after attempting straight lines with my darning foot.  I'm still too much of a novice to know if this was crazy or not.

3. I have alluded to this realisation before, but now I'm just going to apply it across the board and buy the best quality materials, fabric and equipment I can.  Can anyone recommend the batting/wadding they like the best?

4. Don't let your project know you are in a hurry.  Like a computer, it can smell fear and panic, and will crash if you let on you're short on time.

Linking up with the Monday Let's Get Acquainted Monday Link Up which is hosted by Lucy at Charm About You this week.  She too has been creating cushions in a hurry! 

Here are mine again for good measure:

Plum and June


  1. Ha Ha. I really like No. 4!!
    And a walking foot is the best thing ever!

  2. It is a continual learning process, isn't it? Your cushions look snazzy. :)I Nice and graphic.

  3. They are great! Trust me a walking foot will change your sewing life :)
    number 4 is just so true!

  4. I recommend Hobbs Wool. it is a bit pricey but you should know it is cool in summer and warm in winter. It also has a bit of loft which really makes your quilting pop... I also adore 100% Cotton, ( hobbs is my favorite brand ) since any natural fiber will"breathe" as they say and not be too warm, or make you glisten... Anything with poly will cause glistening., but it is the choice of many Machine Quilters since it quilts beautifully . Just not for me... I agree you should buy the best tools and supplies you can afford. Quilting is not a cheap hobby but remember quality items will last and pass the test of time.

  5. I use Hobbs too, usually the pre packaged by size, which isn't the cheapest way to buy it but it's quite reasonable on eBay! I've had warm and natural recommended to me but haven't tried any yet... Walking foot is a must! :-)